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Why Vidopic?


Why Vidopic?

Maybe ask yourself why should I register on Vidopic? A good question! In this article, we want to familiarize you with the features of this website. We answer the question in two parts:

ٰVidopic for sellers

Vidopic for vendors has too many benefits. These advantages include:

  1. Registration is easy
  2. Activate the account without having to send the work sample
  3. Receive and pay money without limitation and delay
  4. Unlimited file upload
  5. Includes all graphics and design fields
  6. Store management by seller
  7. Manage discounts by seller
  8. View all financial details
  9. Possibility to send messages to other users and vendors
  10. Online chat with users
  11. Possibility to create various collections
  12. Ability to invite friends by email
  13. The lowest commission for the site and the most revenue for the seller
  14. Possibility to highlight items for more views on the main page of the site
  15. Possibility to follow other users
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Vidopic for other users (buyers)

  1. Registration is easy
  2. Easy account activation
  3. Full search on the website to find the item you want
  4. Purchase by PayPal and Stripe (Other methods will be added in the future)
  5. View purchases and downloads at any time
  6. Online Marketing Opportunity
  7. Possibility to send messages to sellers and other users
  8. Possibility to create various collections of items
  9. Possibility to share items
  10. Possibility to follow vendors and other users
  11. Ability to become a vendor at any time
  12. Pay and download items instantly
  13. Online and offline support by us

For better understanding of this website, you can register for free and join the great Vidopic family. We guarantee that you will enjoy the services of this website and will expand your business. Vidopic is a global network for easy access to open source resources and files created by graphic artists and creative designers.

Our most important policy is to never compel you to do something you do not want to do and never give ourselves exclusive rights. This means that as a vendor, you will never have to publish your files exclusively in Vidopic. In our view, monopolyism is unacceptable.

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