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Quality Control


We always control the quality of your work. We want to make sure that the best is published on this website. why? Because the great things designed by you can ultimately be profitable for you. In fact, we expect you to upload your professional works on this website for sale.

Qualities to join us

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  • Creativity: Creativity is the most important condition for us.
  • Original Content: In order to become an author in Vidopic, you would have to upload files originally created by you.
  • Reasonable prices: Quality is completed with correct pricing. You must be aware of your job market so you can compete with others. If you need advice, contact us: support@vidopic.com

Files we accept

Take a look at Vidopic main menu. Website templates, PSD, Vectors, 3D Files, Video Files, Photos, Codes and Tutorials. Very great world for you! So we almost accept all kind of digital files in Vidopic. It depends on your expertise. So you have too many choices and of course too many chances! Actually we are looking for special styles. Then please don’t forget that we always are controlling your files, sales and even your responsibility. Note that if the items you upload do not have the minimum design standards, then you will not be able to upload new files until you persuade us again. However, the items you upload must be approved by our experts before being published on the website and this rule will never change.

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