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Non exclusive agreement


I always think of why some companies consider themselves exclusive rights. Of course I do not mean inventions. For example, some sites at the time of registration will remind you that if you work exclusively on that site, you will have more rights. I think as the founder of Vidopic that this is a false way. We should never force users to work exclusively for us. There is no compelling reason for this decision unless we are looking for more revenue for ourselves. That’s why we do not have any exclusive rights in Vidopic.

You are allowed to upload the same file you upload in Vidopic on other similar sites. why? Because you are the real owner of your file. So you are who should decide about it, not us. In fact, this is a basic right for you.

Non exclusive agreement, we believe in it. So if you upload a file in Vidopic, do not worry about it because you can upload it on other sites even if its pricing is different. Your working policies should be specified by yourself. We only have the role of advisor.

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Forever, we guarantee this: In Vidopic, you never have to do something you do not want to do. Our only hope is that you respect the rights of others and respect the rules of the website. That’s enough! Register now on our website and expand your business without worry. We will always be your backers.

Thank you very much

– Vidopic Admin

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